Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for my carpet and upholstery to dry once it's been steam cleaned?

It will take, on average, 4-5 hours for your carpet to completely dry. Upholstery will remain damp for about 1-2 hours. The drying time could increase on humid and rainy days.

How long will it take for you to clean my carpet?

The amount of time spent on your home or business will vary from place to place, depending on the amount of soil, furniture to be moved, and the size of the job. On average, one area, up to 250 square feet, will take 15-20 minutes to clean.

What do I need to move off of the carpet before the technicians arrive?

We ask that you remove any breakables or loose items and toys that are placed along the floor. Our staff is trained to move any furniture necessary. Please remove anything valuable that could be easily broken when moved. It is necessary that you tell our technicians of any damage your furniture pieces currently have that could cause a problem while moving.

Can I set up an appointment for a time when no one is home?

It is not necessary for someone to be home when we arrive to complete your service order. Although, it is necessary for us to be given detailed instructions of what you want cleaned, what furniture you want moved, and any special chemicals you may need before we begin the work. We recommend that if you are not going to be home during the cleaning process, that we come out to give you a free estimate and discuss your decisions.

Do I need to vacuum my carpet before you arrive to clean for me?

Yes, please vacuum your carpet before we arrive to remove any pet hair or loose dirt. This will allow us to concentrate on the deeper soil, and it will also help with drying time.

How soon afterwards can I or my children and pets walk and interact on the carpet?

We recommend that you limit interaction on the damp areas until it has dried completely. The chemicals that are used are safe and residual free. It is important to be careful when passing from damp carpeting to a hard surface floor, as it becomes slippery.

Will you move the furniture for me?

We ask that you remove any breakables. We will move the furniture just far enough to clean underneath. Then, move it back and place it on styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs. We will simply clean around items such as fish tanks, big screen televisions, or large entertainment centers, etc.